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We’ve been in business since January of 2006, and we’ve grown by over 33% in sales every year we’ve been in business. We maintain steady growth because we only hire the best of the best to provide your computer services. When you call on Atlanta-Computer-Repair.info, you’re calling on experts!

Everyone on our team has over 20 years of experience with computers. We’ve all grown up learning computers by playing with game systems like Atari, Nintendo & Sega. When personal computers hit the market, we’re the people that had to have one just so we could play games on it. When your VCR broke, we were the kids that could repair it. Now flash forward to 2010, and we’re the computer professionals trusted by IT firms around the world. We are the “computer guy’s”, computer guy. When the kid in the geek van told you it couldn’t be done, we’re the experts that were there to tell you, “Yes, it can be done”.

So if your computer technicians could use a little support, call the Computer Engineers at Atlanta-Computer-Repair.info. We’ll be standing by waiting for you! In some cases we can remotely connect to your computer and solve the problem for less than $100. We’ve even been known to give a freebie out every now and then.  So call us @ 404 – 702 – 2865 please & thank you!

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Starting at $60/hr, there's nowhere in Atlanta you can receive better customer service, or technical expertise.

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We've grown by over 33% in sales every year we've been in business.